Water Treatment

At M2MLogger we make sure that your pumps are operational with optimal water levels and pH quality levels - ensuring long operation life and reduced onsite visits.

Waste Water

Our Solution

  • Remotely monitor waste water treatment on real-time basis.
  • Water quality reports.
  • Detailed energy consumption report.
  • Raise SMS/Email alerts for malfunction.


  • Total Gallons of water got treated.
  • Water quality report: Turbidity, TSS, pH, COD, BOD etc.
  • Malfunction and Alarm report.
Technical Specification

How it works?

  • Install field sensors to remotely collect key metrics.
  • IoT Cloud platform for data-aggregation.
  • Dashboards & Analytical reports.
  • SMS/Email alerts for overflow/underflow or malfunction.
  • Switch ON/OFF using Cloud by just one click.


  • Monitor Water Level and Malfunction.
  • Ensure area of Malfunction in Plant.
  • Water Overflow Alarm.
  • Malfunction Notification.
  • Remote Monitoring.